Why The Skyroo STUD?

The Wilderness country of Skyroo, started from an instinctive need to fulfill a dream. Instinct is what we hope to base our lives on and this has guided us to now realize the – Skyroo STUD.

It all started in the year 2000 when as a family we came across this wonderful piece of virgin Klein Karoo scrub situated between Bonnievale and McGregor in the Western Cape – not knowing what we were in for our journey of creation began with enthusiasm and courage the – Skyroo STUD evolved.

STUD…  “Life to Love”

McGregorIt was only much later after years of structure development when Dean our son had excelled as a student and achieved top marks in SANEF Modules 1, 2 and 3 that horses came to the Skyroo STUD. His achievements motivated the family to now commit and entrench ourselves in a long time passion of breeding horses. Advance Stud Management was extensively covered within Dean’s achievements and I, having had experience in the race horse breeding and racing industry – our journey began. Our interest was in elegant, tough, powerful, enduring and swift horses. Arabians being the oldest horse breed (unique features and ability) and having ‘it all’ was a definite call. After acquiring some knowledge and experience we began looking for pure Arabian breeding stock. The initial guidelines of acceptance was based on conformity regarding the horse’s structure and balance. Coming into contact with many horses as well as people within SA, a preference of type came into the equation, which traced back to definite bloodlines and pedigrees. In the understanding of both phenotype and genotype of the Arabian we settled on the intricately bred Johrhemar Arabians. They had noticeable difference in that they were tall, noble, and classic with great temperaments. Fortunately we had met Marie-Louise and Johann van Wyk at the very beginning of their stud sale. The Johrhemar Stud was sadly closing down which had been in the Arabian industry for many decades, contributing to the worldwide breed and especially to the South African stock. Specially chosen imported blood creating this unique look and character. Exceptional movement with extreme tail and neck carriage, kept us coming back as we visited the stud several times making our choices of mares, foals and one absolute Arabian Stallion “Natih”. Our plan was now clear in keeping the blood close in our future breeding. In most of our horses dam lines there is a very unique and type cross between straight Egyptian stallion Hamse el Fagr and the famous Gazelle bint Masri – all these formatted relations amongst our horses will ensure better chances when breeding as the certain traits, characteristics and temperament have more of a chance in getting passed on due to the closeness. Arabians being a pure breed allows this type of breeding.

Skyroo STUD - 1

The derived idea was keeping the blood close in our breeding programme which can be associated as line-breeding. The Johrhemar horses allowed this as they did exactly that by using two related stallions, Shakkarr (Dakar el Jamaal x Bellah Reina) and Bey el Jamaal (Ali Jamaal x TW Bey Fantasy) both being Ali Jamaal decendants. Shakkarr’s dam providing an El Shaklan influence while Beys el Jamaal’s dam a Bey Shah influence, both these influential stallions have contributed extremely successfully to the Arabian breed over decades.

Two fillies we have sourced bring a very special element to the Skyroo STUD breeding programme. Both their dams being Johrhemer horses connects their blood to the rest our our horses while the one filly is bred by Belvedere PSY a Padron Psyche son and Scottsdale reserve champion, whilst the other filly is bred by ZT Marwteyn a Marwan al Shaqab son – both stallions have proved their worth and incorporating this blood with our already remarkable combinations will hopefully give us nothing less than extraordinary future progeny.

Our breeding will be strict to compliment these lines in order to establish a horse of temperament being crucial with height, beauty, conformation, balance, power and elegance. To achieve this we will adhere to proven principals of upbringing (Harmony and Tranquility) in so allowing the true soul (instinct) of these magnificent animals to transpire. Our beliefs are instinctive to breed character, with inspiration and passion that passes on that gift of sharing a… “Life to Love”.

In the meantime my wife Katharine had fallen in love with the “Painted Appaloosa’s Stud” mare – Black Pearl a most beautiful Appaloosa Sport horse of 16h plus. Cautiously Marna Smith the stud owner allowed Katharine to acquire this amazing mare that she had bred and nurtured. Along with a stallion “Rock Star” and a filly Skyroo STUD had some Appaloosa horses of significance (Tall, colour and blood).

Skyroo STUD - 2Our focus is primarily on Arabian influence due to there wonderful traits and instincts so bloodlines of importance will be our breeding focus.

Our horses will be multi talented with criteria towards temperament (character) balance (power) beauty (elegance) heart (endurance) and last but not least intelligence. It is on this basis the acquisition of our offspring will be based, a comparative requirement being of a similar nature, towards understanding the instinct of a… “Life to Love”.

Instinct brought us to this place of hills and valleys within the Klein Karoo between the mountains of Riversondende and the Langeberg. It was the beauty of the Karoo, the vastness of the night sky and through the heart of a child that Skyroo was born. The beginning of a dream lead by instinct and treated like a child we have developed this haven of life. On this we breed our horses allowing THEIR instinct to bring us to understand more of a… “Life to Love”.

Skyroo STUD has strict principals of natural horsemanship with no enhancing materials or unnatural training to enhance their being. All horses are treated individually and will be dealt with regarding their personalities accordingly. Foals will be monitored daily to understand their behaviors and when yearlings will be identified for what is best suitable regarding their future.

Acquisitions will be based on principals of what is best for the horse.